Out With the Old, In With the Old

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If you read some of the beginning of this whole story of how Barnhaven came to be, you might remember that I bought my barn and an acre of land for a buck. It came from my family’s lot of land, some 244 acres, 186 of which were acquired by my great-grandfather in lieu of wages owed to him by Captain Anthony A. Clay, a local bigwig from the Civil War who invited General Ulysses S. Grant to join him in fishing the local trout streams. My great-grandfather drove them around, not speaking a word of English, and so whatever happened in Clermont stayed in Clermont.

And here I am. Surrounded by family history and local shenanigans that to this day, when visitors come, I wonder if I should give them “The Full Clermonty.” Or just let them discover for themselves.

There are lots of buildings surrounding my barn, some referred to as “out buildings,” such as the chicken coop and the machine shed. Not to mention the family farm house, the Hall, and the new (1927) barn.

Just down the road is where I’ve been these past few weeks, knocking down a machine shed that was barely standing up. First I sifted, salvaged, and emptied the junk that was filling the place. Next I took off the roof, one arm hanging on with a pitchfork, the other peeling off century-old tar paper. (Yep, I’m too old to be doin’ this kind of stuff). I’m salvaging the hemlock planks to be used on the out building in front of Barnhaven, the future gallery and shop. We plan to be part of the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail, with some assemblage art made by both Sharon and myself, as well as some interesting old graphics we’ve collected over the years that are begging to be put on products. And whatever else strikes our fancy. You never know, around here.

To be cont…



The future Barnhaven Gallery & Shop


Assemblage from stuff I found in the shed


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3 Responses to Out With the Old, In With the Old

  1. Rhonda Seigle says:

    Another interesting post!

    Sent from my iPhone Rhonda L Seigle


  2. Fascinating! I love everything about it…and was even more impressed when I saw it in person. Keep up the good work!

  3. dianaani says:

    I love that you preserve and re-use that beautiful lumber. I look forward to the day I come to Pennsylvania and browse the art/gift shop at Barnhaven.

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