A Bunch of Real Fine Things!

cornAutumn around here sneaks up fast, with winter breathing hard down its neck. Still, Indian Summer is a blessing that comes every year–a frost has killed off the bugs and there’s still plenty of outdoor work with my name on it, most likely in long johns hauled out of the dresser drawer.

I’ve been discovering like-minded neighbors who want to put Clermont back on the map. Not with a Verizon tower (tho god knows we could use that), but with horseback trails and hiking paths. Maple syrup and bee hives. Our properties have touched or waved hi across the county road for a century and a half, and if they were all connected with trails, well that would just be a real fine thing.

Barn & horses  copy

Early 1900s ~ some nice looking horses in front of what was their barn, and now is Barnhaven

Another real fine thing is happening in nearby Crosby: The Donald J. Comes Natural Resources Learning Center. This is sponsored by the Penn State Cooperative Extension and will include the study of all kinds things and activities that fall under the umbrella of exploring nature: fishing, gardening, canoeing, wildlife, forestry, etc. I met with the Leadership Team, piping up with whatever I have experience in that might be helpful. They need volunteers and funding, something I can certainly identify with.

On October 18th we had our first event, a wedding! This was a really fine thing! It went without a hitch (except for the hitch that mattered), mainly due to the couple, Erin and Mark. Under a spell of synchronicity, they fell in love with everything they saw here in August and magically pulled off a D.I.Y. wedding with only two months’ planning that was intimate, fun, and highly personal. I manned the music system and made sure that IZ’s version of “What a Wonderful World” filled the barn as they began their lives as an official couple. We wish Erin and Mark all the very best! (And we hope they come back to visit us…in all seasons). Lucille, their Jack Russell terrier, is welcome, too!

Erin & Mark and saw

Erin & Mark have tied a knot that is cross-cut saw-proof. In the background is the Hall, a gathering spot with a colorful history.


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1 Response to A Bunch of Real Fine Things!

  1. Greg Parks says:

    That day and place was everything that I love and believe in!

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