Curb Appeal

Barnhaven sign 1

Most of this spring has been spent continuing projects that had to be tarped over the god-awful winter we had last year. But one brand new project (that had been perking for a while) was getting a sign up out front. Once I found the right wood, some leftover paint, some stencils that I connected the gaps on, and got the arrows aiming the right way (coming and going from each direction down the road): BARNHAVEN now is something that can be seen upon approach. No more overshooting for people looking for the “barn with the cupola.”

Here is the image I started with:

BarnHavenLogoMADE-IN-USA 300 dpi

The shed that sits in front of Barnhaven, smack dab on the road, has been an eyesore for years. I got a metal roof up and am using salvaged hemlock from the other shed I tore down last year, just down the road behind “the new barn” (that one was built in the 1920s). The floor was all lumpy and bumpy with old Clermont insulation tiles, but I evened it out and laid down more salvaged wood. The exterior doors and windows are still a work in progress; all will be salvaged from somewhere. My aim, as always, is not to spend money. There is too much good stuff just lying around.

Barnhaven Studio



The summer is just ready to kick into gear. We’re waving at you from the swing.


Or just beep if you see me hunched over a hunk of hemlock.



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1 Response to Curb Appeal

  1. dianaani says:

    Sure would love to join you there, and now I can spot you more easily from the road!

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