Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy

dragon fly

It’s summertime at BARNHAVEN, and the livin’ is easy. With the days feeling long and lazy, picture yourself in this scenario: You are kicking back on the deck with a tall, cold drink next to a trickling pond. The soft drone of dragon flies hovering over the lilies adds to the summer soundtrack. A mother doe and her fawns nibble at the edge of the woods. A fox kit peeks out and you make eye contact.

fox kit

Waiting for some action are the outdoor games: croquet, bocce, boules, horse shoes, frisbee, and softball. (Or indoor: ping pong, plus a variety of board games such as backgammon and Pente).


Nearby, horse and hiking trails beckon, as well as trout streams and secret swimming holes.

swimming hole

You’ve brought your food (or gone into town for supplies) and can whip up gourmet meals in our large, open barn kitchen or have simple grills done on the patio.

al fresco

You can even pitch your own tents on our back lawn, and have one of the darkest night skies you’ve ever experienced as a summer blanket.


In short, you can relive the summers of yesteryear: unplug, curl up with a book (we’ve got plenty!), talk to each other. Play with each other. Or be silent, and watch the wildlife.

Barnhaven sign 1

BARNHAVEN is a private destination in the PA Wilds. It’s a special place to connect with nature and timelessness, or with your family and friends.

Book it–and it’s all yours for your stay.


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I live in a barn.
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