Barn Restoration ~ The Story

When I started this, it had been long neglected. Beams were split and shed addition foundations on the backside were shot from groundhogs digging under them for years, pulling the whole barn over. So, it was either do something about it or watch it fall down. So I did something about it.  

This saga will continue, so click “follow blog” to stay tuned…

 1960s ~ 30 years before the verge of collapse

Before I go any further, I have to take a moment and give some thanks.  Lots of people were helpful and supportive.  I can’t begin to name them all.  I would forget somebody and piss them off, so I won’t try.  You know who you are anyway (for better or worse).  But there are some I have to mention.  My Dad, who despite his good sense shoveled 100 year old sheep shit outta the basement of this place for hours on end.  My grandmother, Louise, who listened to me play sappy piano when I was fifteen, and didn’t laugh at me.  Rob, Kent, Mark–your trees are growing strong.  My son and daughter, Eli and Freda, for providing the inspiration.  My Mom…because.  Three dogs– Jemima, Polly and Vonchetta–that helped me through some truly dark times. Moe Nashadka.  But perhaps most of all, the people that built this structure in the first place. Obviously, without your grit, none of this would have been possible. Thanks.           

(P.S.  Can’t forget the Rolling Rock Brewing Company for washin’ down the sawdust.)                                                                                      


1 Response to Barn Restoration ~ The Story

  1. PHil Hood says:

    I’d like to read about the whole thing. What you tackled first. What could be fixed, what replaced? What a barn restorer or potential barn restorer needs to look out for? Imagine you’re the guide for all the wannabe barn restorers in the world. Where would you lead them?

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