Before & After ~ Exteriors

Front of the barn, then (1997)…

…and now (2012).

photo credit Bev Yohe

Back of the barn, then…

and now.


2 Responses to Before & After ~ Exteriors

  1. PHil Hood says:

    Neil, So beautiful. I was up in the misty ghost town of Volcano, California last weekend. It’s in my favorite stretch of the gold country at the base of the Sierras. There are people in Volcano, but it is also a ghost town with quite a few empty buildings dating back to the 1850s. And a there realtor told me, “I have lots of customers who’d like to buy a barn to live in but it’s hard to find a good one that’s restorable.”
    But you’ve done it.
    Phil Hood

  2. Cristiana says:

    Neil, this is an amazing place…I so would love to come see it with robert someday soon….and most importantly to meet you in person! Robert talks about you endlessly …are you really as awesome as he says? Your blog screams ” yes!” …so awesome! Take care…Cristiana Bordignon Distefano

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