Before & After ~ Interiors

From the hayloft then (1993)…

and now (2012)

north bay then…

and now…




6 Responses to Before & After ~ Interiors

  1. Cristiana says:

    No words….

  2. Cristiana says:

    Just dreamlike….

  3. The passion in your work is clear. So beautiful, Neil. Your friend Sharon connected with me and happily I found your barn. howdy

    • neilsbarn says:

      Hey Sherm — Thanks for the comment. Yeah…it’s been a long road up here. I can still remember sitting in Teaching Assistanceship orientation meetings making drawings of this barn while some ASU English Dept person droned on. Up here for the summer . Buggy and hot at the moment, but beautiful. Making cabinet doors for my kitchen at the moment, but will be back in touch. Neil

      • Would that have been Dot Guinn@ASU?? Those seminars were painful. I got the gigglies real bad in there. And other places, too. My friends from NJ drive their son up to Penn State and have family in PA, so maybe they can be your first guests at the barn! the history is really interesting and whoever did the photos did an awesome job. Congrats!!! My NYC trip postponed till the pilot goes to series, then I get to tell some embarrassing stories for cash.

  4. dan says:

    His passion is I suppose, his sanity, not so much. As one who there at the beginning was this black maw of a project visible from space?. Yes. Did I, as his friend, try attempt to disabuse him of this folly? Incessantly, the words hollow as held I the other end of the timbers being set, alas, just another enabler. Dan

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